Our services

Even if SafeDating is an online tool our subscribers might need a consultation. We do offer online/skype meetings so you can work with our representatives to achieve a deeper self relational awareness, from the comfort of your own home. 

SafeDating specializes in the relation to yourself and the relation to others. We are a Core Value-focused, self love-based Dating-Plan tool. 

Types of services

  • Online Tool (Subscription)
  • Online Skype sessions (Walkthrough of Tool or Follow up on your work)
  • Written feedback on your work (offline service)

 What can you expect on Skype sessions?

Each consultation is different as it is tailored to you and your personal needs. For preparation you need to prefill a form with questions about your problems, your behavior that is not to your advantage (if you are aware of them).

As a minimum, you can expect the following from our session

  • A Step by step introduction to tool and its core purpose
  • An quick assessment of your self maintenance and calculation of your critical SafeDating focus areas
  • Outline of your safe condition and specific safety advice tailored to your dating process 
  • Practical suggestions to help you implement the gained awareness and the changes needed in relation to your old behavior when dating

The format

The sessions are organic depending on what you need to talk about at the time. Typically a meeting gives you the opportunity to discuss the questions already stated in the tool. But we can also talk about how you are getting along with the steps, and the safety aspect of dating, and talk through any difficulties you are experiencing in relation to achieving a more mindful and self respectful dating using SafeDating. Please be in a quiet and private space. Be present and don’t multitask during meetings. Thank you. An initial 2 hour consultation is best, giving time to get through above outlined expectations as well as what YOU need to talk about. In less time, less (substance or topics) can be covered.


Skype or written sessions costs 120 USD or 109 EUR for 60 min. Payment is ____?___ . Payment is due prior to the consultation. If appointments are not cancelled with at least 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the cost of the consultation in full.


Skype sessions are only possible within 9 am to 2 pm CET due to time zone differences. Please google timezones to see your local time. 

Fill out the form below to book a session and choose type of appointment. Once booking is confirmed by email click the link in mail for payment. 

PayPal link provided (clarification pending)

If you have any questions, or would like further information then please contact us.


Either through a Form  https://vitalmind.com.au/private-online-session/ or https://www.lisagianvito.com/book-a-session or through booking system like http://www.alanrobarge.com/schedule-session

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