SafeDating works across Genders and age – Sexual Orientation – Culture and Religion.

To date safe means; 

“Discovering, Knowing, and being consistent with ‘my deeper significant values’ and keep focusing on this throughout the process of dating.”

Safedating is not a Quickfix or a Datingsite!

The integrated four Steps approach, which SafeDating is all about, puts your dating into test – in practice. It builds on a digitalised process through which we create an understanding of ourselves and an understanding of others, which is creating new valuable opportunities in dating. The outcome is a lifetime ‘inner compass’.

As the content is constantly expanding to extend the users knowledge one of our highest criteria is that Safedating must be easy to use. This criteria also compensates for the serious emotional  journey through the four steps.

SAfeDating is devoted to users that don’t feel fortunate in dating. Yet, anyone that are seeking help to make responsible decisions about their relationships will, by using SafeDating cultivate consciousness of their own core values and responsibility of being true to them. Singles or people that feel unhappy, lonely, restless or depressed or people that struggle with problematic love-relations or struggle with relations in general and in therapy, or people that practice the principle of ‘Know Thyself (e.g. evolving as conscious beings) are all core users of this tool as SafeDating is dealing with existential aspects of life. Regardless of the reasons for why you are here; the content is for all seeking souls and can be used as a supplement for therapy.

SafeDating insists on your effort. It is a ‘SLOW FIX’.  An Online ‘Reflection tool’ that requires patience and focus. 

It’s main purpose is to ‘remind’ you of YOU while you are out there, living. Until you have built up your self-awareness so much that you can navigate with confident and matureness regardless of situations and outcome. This is very important.

You will learn how to spot signs in your dating or lovelife that tell if you are involved with someone were there is high risk to end up in a relationship that have serious negative impact on your everyday life. 

You will learn to identify the signs of mismatch in time so you can stop, and leave – in a loving way before it is TOO LATE. Before you get hurt. Before you end up ‘proving your worth’ just ‘not to be left’. 

Please Repeat this and let it sink in.

“After a breakup I literally died. I felt disconnection and hopelessness for years. I forced myself to pile my bones to rise. Recovery began slowly. Terrified of ending that place again i pondered about what was wrong since I couldn’t function after a breakup. As easy as it sounds, but… 


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