I come from a home where adults where buzy. I longed to be heard and I was waiting for my parents to actually want to get to know ‘me’ all my life.  It never happened.

Naturally entering adulthood I seeked fulfillment elsewhere. When I found it I depended to receive what I had always felt I was in lack of; intensely to be acknowledged.  I had no clear boundaries, and hence not able to be true to them.

Intimate relations overlapped. I felt I had no value unless someone made me feel valuable. I was blessed with (somewhat) healthy relationship that lasted for 20 years. But before and after, when relations ended my existence was jeopardized. Breakups collapsed and bankrupted me emotionally. A disastrous heartless breakup of a 5 year long relation triggered the longest journey. The road from my head to my heart and soul, 30 cm apart and still the longest. And so began the this 4 step process. Within the clarity of  ‘who I was at my core’ was also ‘The solution’ on how to honor these findings.

It only took four steps to radically change my view on others and myself. Only four steps to change focus forever. Through ‘clarity I could observe myself in every step of dating. One returning question is what within me can I compromise with without jeopardizing my existence and my inner peace?

SD Circle



I am passionate about digitalizing this unexpressed, unvoiced, indirect and tacit proccess into

actual, embodied, touchable and factual steps and making them

accessible, usable, easy and handy for those of us that never learned how to maintain our own health in difficult relations.

Since you are here, I believe, that you are ready.  I invite you to a self-loving  important journey in your life.

I am passionate about taking the concept to a new level researching relational matters and assebling valualbe knowledge 'out there' and personalize it to support the user through these empowering steps.


Sanja Marinkson

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